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STLCBWSt. Louis has an unparalleled history of beer in the United States.  St. Louis Craft Beer Week is a celebration of that history.The 2015 Craft Beer Week kicks off on July 25th and culminates on August 2nd. This year St. Louis Craft Beer Week is a group of breweries, distributors, restaurants, bars, retail outlets, and beer fans all working together to promote and enjoy craft beer.

Each night of this event will provide an opportunity to talk to brewers, pair food and beer, advocate local beer, and meet other beer enthusiasts. This is your chance to really see everything that the St. Louis beer scene has to offer.  It’s about libation and education.

The St. Louis Craft Beer Week is devoted to the beer brewers, drinkers and lovers in St. Louis. Be sure to check our Events section to learn more information about upcoming events.


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Chef's Choice Pairing Menu

We’re working with local restaurants to create unique dining experiences throughout St. Louis Craft Beer Week.  Some locations are offering full beer dinner experiences while others are providing beer pairing suggestions or even beer-inspired dishes. Check back for more details soon!



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